Do I need a privacy policy?

If you are setting up your website, you already know there is a lot to do. Writing your copy and taking/sourcing images takes time. So it is natural to wonder if there are any bits you can do away with. I frequently get asked by clients if they really need a privacy policy, because let’s face it – many people never even read them. But if you are collecting any kind of data then the answer is a resounding “yes”!

So what do we mean by collecting data? Surely if your website is simply giving information about your company you aren’t collecting data are you?

Well actually, if you have a well functioning website, you probably are.
If you have a contact form, you are collecting names and email addresses.
If you have any kind of usage tracking on your website, such as Google Analytics or Jetpack, you are collecting IP addresses and locations.

Let’s say you aren’t using either of these. First of all, we need to talk because your website could be serving you so much better! But aside from that, a Privacy Policy builds trust in your website, and is so easy to write. There really is no excuse for not including one!

There are lots of resources out there to help you build a Privacy Policy. If I’m building your site for you, I’ll guide you through the process. There are plenty of websites such as The Contract Shop and Termly which can help you. Or Shopify has a free Privacy Policy Generator. I know it’s not as much fun as writing copy for your home page, but writing your Privacy Policy really doesn’t take long and is an essential task for keeping your website legal and trustworthy.

If you need advice about copy and content for your website, I’d love to hear from you!