Web Hosting FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the IndigoBright Portal?

All IndigoBright Design Studio clients with Web Hosting have access to their own IndigoBright Portal.
In here you can find your contract, your Web Hosting login details, and information about any other ongoing projects we have together.

How do I keep my contact details up to date?

It is really important that you keep your contact details up to date, so that you can be kept informed about any planned maintenance, any support issues, and your invoices.

To update your contact details, log into your IndigoBright Portal and click on the Profile tab. Click on the settings cog to edit the information.


What is the Web Hosting Control Panel for?

You can view your website files, set up new email addresses, create new ftp accounts and more from your control panel.

How do I log into my Web Hosting Control Panel?

Your login details are stored in your IndigoBright Portal. Go to Projects, Web Hosting, and you will see all the information you require.
Please note, you will be asked to change your password the first time you log in. Please keep your new password safe and secure.

How do I change my Control Panel email?

Log into your Control Panel, and look for your username in the top right.
Click on your username, then Contact Details.

I can’t remember my Control Panel password

There is a Reset Password link on the Control Panel login page.
If you don’t receive a password reset email, or you do not have access to the email address linked with your account, please contact support@indigobright.uk for assistance.


How do I set up a new email address?

Login to the control panel, and click on Email Addresses. There you can follow the instructions to set up your address. Click on Connect Devices to see how to set up your email client.

Can I check my email in the Control Panel?

Yes. Log in, and click on Email Addresses. Click the Check Email button next to the corresponding email address.

How do I configure my email on my computer/device?

You can add your new email account to your preferred browser using the following settings:-
Username: The full email address
Password: The password you selected when setting up the email address

Incoming Mail Server: mail.yourdomain.com or grh47.myukcloud.com
Port: 993 for IMAP or 995 for POP3
Encryption: SSL/TLS

Outgoing SMTP Mail Server: mail.yourdomain.com or grh47.myukcloud.com
Port: 465
Encryption: SSL/TLS

Can I set up an email autoresponder (out of office)?

Yes. This is really useful for Out of Office settings!

Log into the Control Panel, and click on Autoresponders in the Email section.

I’ve been notified that I my mailbox is over it’s size limit. Can I increase it?

Each email mailbox is limited to 1Gb.
If you are notified that your mailbox is over it’s size limit, you must reduce the amount of email stored in it.

  • Delete any emails that are no longer required. Don’t forget to empty the trash when you are done.
  • Check your sent items. Do you need to keep them all? Particularly look for ones with large file attachments.
  • Move some of your emails to offline folders.


What is included with my Web Hosting? (How much space, number of domains, etc).

Disk Space Quota: 10240Mb
Monthly Bandwidth Limit: 1048576Mb
Email accounts: 10
FTP accounts: 10
MySQL databases: 4
Subdomains: 2
Addon domains: 2

If you require additional resources, please contact support@indigobright.uk to discuss.

What Nameservers do I use?

You should change your domain’s Nameservers to the following for your web hosting:-
Nameserver 1: ns1.myukcloud.com
Nameserver2: ns2.myukcloud.com

How do I back up my website?

Backups are taken automatically every evening. They are stored daily for 7 days, then monthly before that.

How do I restore a backup?

Log into your control panel and scroll down to the Files section.

Click on Acronis Backup and follow the on screen instructions.

Can I set up a subdomain?

A subdomain is something like https://support.mydomain.com

You can set these up by logging into the control panel and scrolling down to Domains. Click on Subdomains and follow the on-screen instructions.

Can I set up a second website?

Yes. With a standard web hosting package, you can set up 2 additional domains. You can set these up by logging into the control panel and scrolling down to Domains. Click on Addon Domains and follow the on-screen instructions.

Can I view/edit/delete my website files?

Yes. Click on File Manager in the Files section of the control panel. This is useful if you only have the odd file to deal with. If you need to make a lot of changes, consider using an FTP client.

Where do I set up my FTP accounts?

In the control panel, scroll down to files and FTP accounts. You can set up new accounts in there, and also see the configuration details.

Can I install WordPress, or other software?

Yes, there are tools to help you install most common web software.

Scroll down to Applications (at the bottom of the control panel) If your preferred software is not listed, try Installation Applications Installer, in the Software section a bit higher up the page..

I need further help

No problem.

Some people aren’t comfortable making changes in their control panel, and that’s fine.

Maybe you have a question which isn’t answered above.

Or perhaps something isn’t working as you’d expect or something on your website is concerning you.

Get in touch by email any time for assistance.